Coaching & Mentorship

You'd never know we are a grassroots program by looking at our coaching. It's world class - Olympic and International quality - and Everyone in the program get's access including our Free Track Program - NO BARRIERS!

Jairo Diaz - 2x Olympian and former Venezuela National Team Coach

Race Management - Track & Road

Brands Cuevas Head Coach since 2018

Cycling Coaching Experience:

Bogota Cycling League’s Coach. Bogota, Colombia 1978-1979

Lara State Team’s Coach. Lara, Venezuela 1980-1985

Aragua State Team’s Coach. Aragua, Venezuela 1986-1987 Miranda State Team’s Coach. Miranda, Venezuela 1987-1990

National Youth Road Cycling Champion. Venezuela 1983, 1998, 2006, 2010 International Tour of Venezuela Champion. Venezuela 1980, 1982, 1983, 1990

Junior and Elite Track and Road National Champion - Venezuela

Tour of Tachira Runner-up. Venezuela - 1980, 1984, 1992

International Tour of Trujillo State. Venezuela - 1980, 1983, 1990, 1997

Coordinator of Youth Cycling Clubs of Lara, Aragua and Miranda State. Venezuela

National Cycling Coach of Venezuela (National Federacion of Venezuelan Cycling). Venezuela 1990-2008

Coordinator of the National Technical Committee of Cycling

Championships Experience as Venezuela’s National Cycling Coach:

Bolivarian Games - Caracas, Venezuela. 1983

Central American and Caribbean Games - San Juan, Puerto Rico. 1997

Pan American Games - Havana, Cuba.1991

Pan American Games - Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1992

Pan American Games - Bogota, Colombia 1994

Road World Championship - Colombia. 1995

International Tour of Guadalupe - Guadalupe, France. 1997

International Tour of Brazil - Brazil. 1980, 1981, 1987

Experience in National Cycling Seminar and Clinics:

Director of National Cycling Clinic for Coaches - Barquisimeto, Venezuela. 1997-2005

Director of Clinics for Cycling School Monitors - Venezuela. 2007, 2008

Media and Communication Experience:

“Mirador de Ciclismo” Magazine. Director and Editor - Lara, Venezuela. 1981-1986

Cycling Coach Experience in New York:

Technical Cycling Director at Kissena Velodrome (Youth, Elite and Master) - Flushing, Queens. 2017 and 2018 Season

6 Days of Kissena - Queens, New York. 2017, 2018

New York State Championship - New York. 2017, 2018, 2019

Brands Cuevas 2019- NYS Champ 15-16 Track, 13/14 Road, 13-14 TT

Athletic Experience:

Track National Champion - Colombia. 1970-1977

Tour of Colombia Leader, Winner of one stage - Colombia. 1973

Tour of Colombia - Colombia. 1970-1974

Tour of The Coast Champion - Colombia. 1971

Tour of the Coast Runner-up - Colombia. 1972, 1974

Olympic Games - Munich, Germany. 1972

Olympic Games - Montreal, Canada. 1976

World Championship - Montreal, Canada. 1975

Bolivarian Games Runner-up - Venezuela. 1970

Bolivarian Games Bronze - Panama. 1974

Pan American Games - Colombia. 1971

Centro American Games - Dominican Republic. 1973

David Lipscomb

CIS Training Systems Owner

Training, Fitness, CIS Super Saturday's

Brands Cuevas Head Coach since 2018

CIS Training Systems LLC (“THE SYSTEM”), founded in 2006, is a globally recognized, Leading Source of Premier Cycling Training and Coaching Services located in New York City. Our World-Class Training System has been proven to deliver sustainable results for cyclists regardless of Skill Level, Age, Gender or Cycling Experience. ​

My cycling and coaching philosophy dates back to 1993 where I spent the better part of my professional cycling career working as an HR and Organizational Development Executive in Banking and Financial Services. During that time, I achieved an advanced level Black Belt Degree and two Brown Belts in three separate Martial Art disciplines.

Train with Purpose. My motto says it all: my coaching incorporates a purposeful, goal-and results-driven methodology that will greatly benefit cyclists at any level of cycling skill. So whether you are an experienced rider a triathlete or a novice, Coach David will work with you to establish a training protocol to teach your mind and body to achieve a level of fitness that exceeds your expectations...on or off the bike. Because every aspect of this approach to training and development has a clear purpose of driving results.

Jon 'Figs' Figliuolo

Athlete Welfare

Co Founder

Jon is connected to the pulse of the team and insures that athlete mental health is as at the same level as their bike fitness.

Team first is Jon's principle.

Lionel Senior

Road/MTB Coach and Community Liaison

Diana Toback

Bilingual Parent Coordinator

Team Chef