CIS is a Community of cyclists and knowledgeable coaches from diverse backgrounds that support an environment of Inclusion and promote Synergy and encouragement to achieve and surpass goals.

CIS onboard

CIS joining our family was a major tipping point for NO BARRIERS access. Structured training is provided to all levels of our Race Program - everyone is on 'THE SYSTEM'.

David Lipscomb created a progression of specific platforms that challenge the athletes to their appropriate level. David further refines each athlete's targets to prepare each of them for the rigors of a season. The juniors love it - as they all communicate and train together!

Training is the first place that our newer juniors learn about process, commitment and working hard for a return in the distant future.

Our highest level athletes train with power and Super Saturday virtual endurance group rides.

When the weather breaks - David and his group of coaches bring the team outside for long training rides. This is a risk mitigated environment and there are many CIS coaches riding with the juniors.