NY Junior Cycling

We remove the accessibility barriers that impede participation and success for junior cyclists by providing Olympic and World class coaching, support and life lessons to all - NO BARRIERS.

We are a non-profit organization.

NO BARRIERS. That is our motto and our mission: 100% of the program participants are Metro NY junior athletes. We're building the foundation for the next generation of teenage cyclists and outstanding community citizens.

Participants are diverse - including the teenagers who are overlooked and left out of the cycling community. We identify, enable and develop any junior athlete who wants a chance to participate and succeed - local level enthusiasts through the national level elite.

The FREE TRACK PROGRAM for teenagers at the Kissena Velodrome is our NO BARRIERS starting point open to the entire community. The race program supports growth to the highest level on and off the bike.

The NY JUNIOR CYCLING coaching staff has National, International and Olympic credentials. The teenage FREE TRACK PROGRAM is supported by the same staff.

Our program is built on a commitment to fair play, hard work, honor, sportsmanship, and dedication to teammates. Our teenage athletes already have achieved success on the bike and in their communities.

We are proud to add our NICA Mountain Bike Program. Mountain biking is amazing fun and another way to introduce juniors to cycling options off road!

2019 Achievements - click to see

Program grew to over 35 male and female riders and growing quickly!

  • Created a successful Kissena Velodrome program for neighborhood teenager juniors which is managed by an Olympic level coach

  • Expanded race team to the track - crossed over ‘fixie kids’

  • Upgrades, Podiums, NYS Champions and National podiums, CAT 3 athletes - not the focus but the result of the kids trying their hardest

  • Competed in 6 states with over 300 races (15+ races per athlete)

  • Road, MTB, Track and Cx

2019 Road and Track Championship Races

  • USA Cycling NE Track Talent ID 3rd Place 13/14

  • USA Road Nationals Road 5th 13/14

  • USA Road Nationals Crit 5th 13/14

  • USA Road Nationals TT 11th 13/14

  • NYS Road Champ 13/14

  • NYS TT Champions 13/14 - 1st, 2nd

  • NYS TT Champions 15/16 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

  • NYS TT Champions 17/18 - 2nd

  • Tour of Somerville 1st Place - 13/14

  • Tour of Somerville 3rd Place - 17/18 Women

  • Tour of Somerville 5th Place - 17/18

  • Bear Mountain Road 1st Place - 13/14

  • Bear Mountain Road 2nd Place - 17/18

  • Chris Hinds USA Talent ID 1st - 13/14

  • NE Championships 1 & 3 15/16

2019 Road and Track Local Races

  • ***Many first time races and Personal Bests****

  • Kissena Wednesday Night Races - consistent podiums across the team

  • Grants Tomb multiple podiums and over 15 racers

  • Floyd Bennett multiple podiums across Cats

  • Plus many more

  • 2019 Mountain Biking

  • Hop Brook Ct many podiums

  • NICA Champions across age groups

  • Muddy Tire 1st overall Cat2, 1,2,3 15-18

  • H2H Race Podiums across multiple riders