Brands Cuevas Racing

We ALWAYS ACCEPT MEMBERS, everyone has access to extremely high level coaching - and we will develop you with NO BARRIERS -

NO BARRIERS Training and Racing

Our NO BARRIERS approach to develop young athletes enables us to create a deep pool of engaged racers who learn, train and race as a team. A team will always outperform a single talent and success for us is measured in the collective spirit we foster and the willingness of our athletes to work together.

World class coaching, structured training, team practices on the Track, Road and CIS Super Saturdays!! We offer this to everyone from all backgrounds!

We have committed to developing life skills through cycling. Our riders succeed because they learn how to commit to themselves and leverage the amazing coaching we are fortunate to have!

We have 2 levels - Race team and the Veloz Elite team. They all wear the same jersey - NO BARRIERS. The program riders know who is on the Veloz team and the Veloz team supports the growth of our Race team.

All participants are highly supported to understand how to commit to process, manage their time and set and achieve their goals.

Every rider is given the same opportunity to receive appropriate coaching, racing and equipment.

Race Team - Track, Road, MTB and Cx

This is our entry point into the world of competitive road and track racing. All members are on a structured training program program where they are introduced to the proper way to train - they learn about cadence, zones, intervals and commitment. These athletes are also taught how to ride their bikes in racing and highly close contact group environments supported with fundamental team racing strategies.

These athletes will race locally and attend appropriate travel events. Riders who achieve commitment and racing goals are given an opportunity to move to the Veloz team.

Veloz (Elite) Team - Track, Road, MTB and Cx

This is our highest level of racing. More than half the team is Cat 3 on the Road and we have top Nationally ranked riders. We have attended and placed highly at both Track and Road national events. All of our members have been grown from within the program. These members are on a specialized training program from CIS Training Systems and receive Advanced race tactic training from our Olympic coach. Riders are accepted into this program and everyone from the race team is given an opportunity and support to commit to this level.

2019 Achievements - click to see

Program grew to over 35 male and female riders and growing quickly!

  • Created a successful Kissena Velodrome program for neighborhood teenager juniors which is managed by an Olympic level coach
  • Expanded race team to the track - crossed over ‘fixie kids’
  • Upgrades, Podiums, NYS Champions and National podiums, CAT 3 athletes - not the focus but the result of the kids trying their hardest
  • Competed in 6 states with over 300 races (15+ races per athlete)
  • Road, MTB, Track and Cx

2019 Road and Track Championship Races

  • USA Cycling NE Track Talent ID 3rd Place 13/14
  • USA Road Nationals Road 5th 13/14
  • USA Road Nationals Crit 5th 13/14
  • USA Road Nationals TT 11th 13/14
  • NYS Road Champ 13/14
  • NYS TT Champions 13/14 - 1st, 2nd
  • NYS TT Champions 15/16 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • NYS TT Champions 17/18 - 2nd
  • Tour of Somerville 1st Place - 13/14
  • Tour of Somerville 3rd Place - 17/18 Women
  • Tour of Somerville 5th Place - 17/18
  • Bear Mountain Road 1st Place - 13/14
  • Bear Mountain Road 2nd Place - 17/18
  • Chris Hinds USA Talent ID 1st - 13/14
  • NE Championships 1 & 3 15/16

2019 Road and Track Local Races

  • ***Many first time races and Personal Bests****
  • Kissena Wednesday Night Races - consistent podiums across the team
  • Grants Tomb multiple podiums and over 15 racers
  • Floyd Bennett multiple podiums across Cats
  • Plus many more
  • 2019 Mountain Biking
  • Hop Brook Ct many podiums
  • NICA Champions across age groups
  • Muddy Tire 1st overall Cat2, 1,2,3 15-18
  • H2H Race Podiums across multiple riders